About BerliNICEd

BerliNICEd by Chase & Snow offers variety of different motifs on t-shirts, t-shirts for women, hoodies and bags. At the moment I print on Organic (bio) black Shirts.

Flex printing offers the possibility to print just in time and print according your wishes. It is possible for example to order customized shirts with additional features, like company logo, text, etc. Just let me know what you need.

Motif- / Logo- and Webdesign on request.

Tagged Berlin, one of the earliest Shirts of Berlin motifs
In 2002 the first motif was designed by Dominik Jais aka Snicers. Berlin and Brewing related T-Shirts off sides the mainstream were needed by him because no cool t-shirts where available during that time. When he started with t-shirt design the motifs where printed only once by a small printing company in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin - Germany. Most of the first unickats were stolen in the public laundry room of the dormitory Biesdorf. Because they were stolen they were re-printed and then made available to the public at a Spreadshirt store, so that no one has to steal them anymore. During the time with Spreadshirt Snicers was chosen as a Runner Up for the London Design Festival! Because of the limitations with the Spreadshirt software and the high price, self printing was chosen besides having a Spreadstore.

The shop did first run on Joomla using Virtueamart but most of the people discussing the shop at Basicthinking, were Snicers had a one day one shirt project together with Robert, didn’t like the shop and the limitation only offering black colour t-shirts was proscribed. Some month later a hop to osCommerce using Google Ads made a great deal but osCommerce is totally limited in website design and that’s not what I was really looking for. Therefore another hop was made and with the help of the community the now available shop was born!;

The motifs offered at BerliNICEd are the kinds of Berlin T-Shirts you will not get anywhere else, especially the Tagged Berlin 2.0. They are stylish, straightforward and most unique.